Shipping & Returns


Shipping Your Products

Ship wherever you are, however you like. To make our process the easiest for our clients, we let you decide your own packaging materials and shipping method. Once you purchase your product photography package, pack and ship your products at your leisure.

For all shipments, Snap Happy Pics, LLC is not responsible for lost or damaged shipping. It is up to the client to purchase package insurance and shipment tracking. We strongly suggest to have a tracking number and provide to us as soon as possible. With the tracking number, we can carefully monitor the route of your package and be prepared for delivery.

Once we receive your package, you will be notified. Your products will be professionally styled, photographed and edited within 7 calendar days of receipt of your package.


Easy Product Returns

You have the option to either have us discard or return your products after your photo shoot. The discard method is always FREE. If you would like your products returned back to you, our return policy is easy.

During your initial order, you have the choice to select DISCARD PRODUCTS or RETURN PRODUCTS. If you would like your products returned, you can select one or multiple flat rate shipping packages. Sorry, we are unable to return your products in the package you initially sent the products with; however, we will use your packaging materials in the return flat rate shipping package.

Return shipping is only applicable for clients who have their delivery address within the continental United States. All return packages will be shipped out within 48 hours of your receipt of your online gallery.


Product Photography Order Return Policy

Snap Happy Pics, LLC does not accept returns, exchanges or cancellations for product photography orders. Please contact me if you have any problems or concerns with your order.