5 Ways To Use Your Branded Head Shots

5 Ways To Use Your Branded Head Shots

Snap Happy Pics Branded Head Shots

You invested quite a bit of money and time on getting your professional branded head shots done. You may have even splurged extra to get hair and make-up done and premium glamour editing to make your image “picture perfect”. That’s fine and dandy, but what is the point if you download your images, hesitate to share them and end up not doing anything with your new branded head shots?

Let me tell you…USE YOUR HEAD SHOTS! You are the face of your business. Even if you work for a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) business or a freelance company, you still need to treat what you do as your own little business. People want to know that there is a person behind a business. People naturally love to work with other people…not computers, machines or “ghosts” behind a business.

Let me tell you, I am naturally an introvert and have probably had a handful of pictures taken of me since my teens. One day I looked in the mirror and told myself to grow up. I am a professional photographer and have been too use to being towards the back of the camera. It was time for me to face the front of the camera and get some beautiful head shots done. I put on some make-up (the only make-up I have) and got my hair cut and styled. Then I went to get my head shots done that evening. I did my editing magic to clean up the images and voila!…I have a whole slew of branded head shots at my finger tips.

I recommend to get new head shots done every five years. To keep your image fresh and relevant with your audience.

Below I have provided five easy ways to use your new head shots. Bonus Tip: Have a few branded head shot images on hand on your computer and phone to have readily available for speaker events, panel member and if you decide to become a new member of a professional organization.



  1. Business Cards

  2. Social Media Avatars

  3. About Me Website Image

  4. Blog Graphics

  5. Website Landing Page

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